Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad Blogger

It seems I have fallen back into my bad blogging habit, of not blogging. I have to wonder why no one is ridiculing me for being a bad blogger…. Then I remembered that no one reads my blog on a regular basis, so it’s doubtful that anyone has noticed.

The past six weeks have been overly stressful in the Nelson house. Savanna started middle school, and we got Lauren settled away at college. Then it all came tumbling down. Savanna started to throw up one morning, and it didn’t stop for two weeks. Then we added in some constipation and diarrhea to the yacking. After countless visits to the Dr. blood drawn twice, three stool samples (wrong test on the first one, and they lost the second one).We even started taking her to a counselor. Finally we got in to see the Pediatric GI Specialist. They could tell right away that she had blockages in her intestines, and what they said is like irritable bowel syndrome.
He put her on medications and she’s back to her normal self. We are going to continue with the counselor for a little while because we think this is linked to stress and anxiety. She goes back to the GI in December for a follow up.

Thru all of this we broke down and bribed her with a puppy. Any puppy she wanted, if she would just go to school for two weeks (in my mind, after two weeks we would have broken the spell and she would be fine) The only exception to the rule was: If they found something medically wrong with her, she could pass go and collect her puppy right away. Well both things have happened. She has a medical diagnoses, and has gone to school for two weeks with no problem. After much research on Savanna’s part (and online breed testing) she discovered that her best breeds are, labs, poodles, and or spaniels. Because of our connection with Greyhound Rescue I really wanted to rescue a dog… either from a group or a shelter. So the hunt began…. And we found Gabby, a one year old cream colored labradoodle (lab/standard poodle) who was found as a stray in Phoenix, AZ. She’s been in a foster home, and looks like just the sweetest dog in the world. The Poodle Rescue of AZ normally wont adopt out of state, but they made an exception for us due to our experience with Greyhound rescue, AND the shinny referral Judy (GCNM founder) gave us. Then all the poodles started to fall into a row. My dear friend Erin’s mother in law just happened to be in Phoenix and on her way home. She picked Gabby up for us, and they are now in Holbrook, AZ (about 4 hours away). There will be pictures to come.

But for now I will post some pictures of birds that were in my yard yesterday morning. We had Scrub Jays take over! I’ve been feeding them peanuts for weeks now, and at the most have had 3 or 4 at one time. Yesterday Scott looked out and there were dozens of them. Also a woodpecker in the pond. I got some pictures of him when he was drying off. Then a Thrasher came into the yard to eat peanuts too. It was a busy bird morning.