Monday, December 27, 2010

OK, so I’ve fallen into my “bad blogging” habits again. I’ve decided that no one would really care to read about my boring life anyway. So now I’m going to focus my blog on my new poodle puppy and his journey on the road to becoming a service dog. Not that I think this will turn my blog into a show stopper, but it will help me journal and remember this fun and sometimes trying part of my life.
In the beginning…. I was thinking about getting myself a service dog. I’m not in need of one everyday at this point, but I do know that with the progressiveness nature of MS there will be a point in time when one would be useful in my everyday life. Due to my vanity I can’t see myself with a cane or a walker, but I can see myself with a fancy poodle as a mobility assistance device.
I quickly found out that service dogs are expensive! In my research I found that you can train your own service dog, and they don’t have to come from the costly programs.
Now, I am good with dogs, and enjoy Gabby’s obedience school. It’s always amazing to me at how far she has come from when we first got her. Don’t get me wrong…. She is still a Kuvasz down to the bone and there are personality traits to her breed that we will never be able to change, and she would NEVER be a good service dog. But she has come a long way in the past year that she has been in obedience training. Savanna has taken over the responsibility of Gabby’s obedience training which says that Gabby has made miles of improvement, and that Savanna has a gift with dogs.
How in the world did I end up with a poodle puppy? It wasn’t really a part of my plan to get a puppy. I had contacted the Enchantment Poodle Rescue group in Albuquerque, I told them I was looking for a Standard Poodle with a temperament that would make for a good service dog. I filled out all the forms for adoption and was ready to sit back and wait for my perfect poodle (one that was house broken). A few days later I received a call from the rescue group to tell me that there was a 10 week old male standard that needed a home right away. TEN WEEKS? Really? The lady that had just gotten him to go along with her other 2 poodles found out the hard way that her neighborhood association would not allow her to have more then two dogs.
When I had visited with the Kuvasz breeder to ask her about introducing another dog into our home, she recommended a young male dog for Gabby’s sake. So this 10 week old male might be the dog I was waiting for.
We went the next day to meet the poodle and his owner. I fell in love as soon as we pulled into the driveway and I saw him in her arms. His strawberry blond hair, long wavy ears and eyes that would melt your heart. He was my Poodle! I did pay the owner some money to help her recoup the cost she had just paid for him. As we left with my new puppy she stood in the driveway and cried. My heart broke for her, but was filled with joy at the same time.
It took a lot of time and constant supervision to help Gabby welcome a new dog into our home. But now they love each other and play together (a little rough) all day long.
Raleigh, that’s the name that stuck to him, is 6 weeks into his puppy obedience school. He walks well on his leash, sits (most of the time) and is learning “down”. For the most part he is house broken, but of course now that I’ve said that he will undoubtedly potty on the floor later today. He sleeps all night in his kennel next to my side of the bed, and is loosing a puppy tooth almost every day.

I’m not 100% sold on him as a service dog…. But only time will tell I guess he‘s still just a baby.
The first week I had him we were outside early one morning feeding the birds. I stumbled and fell (like I often do) and Raleigh ran to me, grabbed my slipper that had fallen off and ran into the yard with it and began to chew it up. Stupid Service Dog!
It’s going to be a LONG road ahead of us.

Below are some pictures of life with Raleigh

Raleigh's first snow

1st Hair Cut

Our Christmas picture

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When Did Summer End?

We ALL know how much I dislike summer and LOVE winter! BUT, I must ask..... where did summer go? It really did fly by so fast. So since I seemed to have missed it I thought I should make a slide show of the highlights. Watch as they also fly by!

Other highlights were Savanna starts her last year of middle school (she didn't want a picture)
and I got old and grew some extra gray hairs.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yip.... those are Longhorns

Lauren and her bosses had a little ride through town on some longhorns. I of course missed it, but thankfully I had lots of friends who saw it and took pictures for me.
Otherwise I would NEVER had believed it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lauren Order

Lauren got her SASS alias today. It was so fun to see her up on stage with all the "old" cowboys. She has had such a great experience over the past week at The End Of Trail. I think she'll be sad it's over, but she so tired I'm pretty sure she'll sleep all day tomorrow (thankfully they gave her the day off).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Name The SASS Intern

The top five names are in for Lauren and her SASS Alias.
Yesterday and today people are voting, tomorrow we'll find out the winning name.

Here's the list:
Lauren Order
Lovely Laurena
Lil' Bit More (her grandfather's alias is More or Les)
Storm N Lauren
Magdalina Magenta

Monday, June 21, 2010


Single Action Shooting Society.
A society? A cult? How do you tell the difference?
As a member of SASS you pay dues, dress only a certain way, and have a code-name. Oh and of course carry guns around (old guns).
We have deep roots in SASS, as my father and step-mother (More or Les, and Giggles) have been members for many years. And now, Lauren is doing an internship in their marketing and advertising department this summer. She was to come up with an alias, but of course she can’t come up with anything. So the head honchos of the society thought that it would be fun to have a “Name The Intern” contest. The top five names will get a gift certificate at the Mercantile. Then from those five names everyone in the Society will vote on the name they like. The top name winner will receive a gun…. And be able to say that he/she named the intern. We really hope it’s something good!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It’s official, Savanna’s 13

Savanna turned 13 on June 7th. We had a Bar Mitzvah for her on Sunday with Family and close friends. On Monday I took her and three of her friends to the movies and to Dion’s for lunch. Then we headed back to Albuquerque for dinner and the ear piercing which is a right of passage in our family when you turn 13. She of course cried (because it’s Savanna who cries for everything) but didn’t faint or throw up.
Now when I look at her all I can see are her thirteen year old pierced ears.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Pond

A work in progress is an understatement when it comes to our back yard pond. From a hole in the ground to a “lush” hole in the ground full of water.
There have been a few mishaps… sandstone rocks falling in, to much blue dye that turned it into the “blue lagoon” and Gabby’s one time diving expedition.
Right now algae is my biggest problem…. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
(Algae are photosynthetic organisms that occur in most habitats. They vary from small, single-celled forms to complex multicellular forms, such as the giant kelps that grow to 65 meters in length.. The US Algal Collection is represented by almost 300,000 accessioned and inventoried herbarium specimens.) I don’t quite have a algae collection yet, but I’m well on my way….. Thus the blue dye.
This weekend Scott and Savanna dug a trench to bury the PVC pipe that holds the cord for the pump.
Currently in residence we have a school of mosquito eating fish (not pretty but useful), two large snails and a baby bullfrog.
My pond is lovely, but not done….. It’s our on going family project.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lauren’s Home for the Summer

I was so happy last Friday when Scott got home from Las Cruces with Lauren in toe.
BUT I had no idea that she would have SO MUCH STUFF! Now I do remember coming home from college myself with a lot more then I went with (I have no idea how that happened) but I guess I didn’t think Lauren would do the same. Some things never change I guess.
We’re happy she’s home, and so proud of her for not only surviving her freshman year, but excelling in her classes, and making good choices while learning to become an adult.

I'm happy to report.... her room is now clean!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Colorado Excel Club Campout

This is what I like to call "my busy season". Last weekend was the New Mexico Excel Club Campout and this weekend is the Colorado Excel Campout.
We arrived in Colorado City yesterday afternoon, after a WINDY drive. Spent the evening catching up with good friends, some we haven't seen in a long time, and some we haven't seen since last weekend.
I woke up early (Gabby's legs were crossed) for a walk. And low and behold there was snow/frost or what I like to call bumpy frost on the picnic table. But the sun is out and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MS Walk

Remember, no matter how wet, how cold, how windy, or even how hot it might be, MS hurts worse. MS always hurts worse. That’s why we’ll be there Saturday morning at Tiguex Park, rain or shine, with our walking shoes on…. or maybe our rain boots. Won’t you join us? The more than 3000 people living with MS in the Rio Grande area are counting on you.

This was part of the email I received from the MS Society and what I had posted on my facebook page the day before the walk.
We woke up to rain early in the morning, but knew.... as always, the weather over the mountain in Albuquerque can be completely different. This wasn't totally the case, but it wasn't pouring down rain, only threatening to rain. So we grabbed the umbrellas (because if you bring them it wont rain) and heading over to the park. We meet up with my Mom and David, and my life long friend Cindy. We pigged out on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and then did the walk (the short route) when we got back to the park we had Blake's Breakfast burritos and then headed home. Not a single rain drop fell on our heads.... and hopefully made a difference in the outlook for MS.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MS Walk

The MS walk is this Saturday. My hope is for good weather (not to hot and NO WIND). I'm so thankful to be able to WALK in the walk.... so many people can't due to their MS.

I'm getting close to raising the $800.00 I set for my goal this year. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter is always full of family and tradition. Colored eggs, lamby cake, candy, baskets, egg hunts and spring birthday party. This year was no exception. The weather was nice, warm, and NO wind! After church we all met at Nana’s house for a lunch of ham sandwiches and salads. The lamby cake had a little problem when I was frosting it, and the head started to fall off. Nana came to the rescue with a small knife that we used to hold his head up.
Rebbie gave the girls potato guns which added an element of danger to our afternoon.

Saturday I spent the day with my dear friend Erin…... we made our Easter cards, and did some other crafting. That evening Scott, Lauren, Savanna, Justin and I colored eggs.
Somehow through all the busy family times and traditions I managed to reflect on my salvation and the promise of eternal life that Christ’s resurrection assures me.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Molly the Owl

For well over a week I’ve been watching a barn owl who lives in an owl box in California. She’s on the web 24/7 and on my computer in the kitchen day and night so I can keep an eye on her. She has one owlet and 4 eggs that will be hatching every few days. I have to say, I know more about owls now then I would have ever known if it weren't for Molly. Golly Miss Molly, thanks for making me an owl expert!
I’m Addicted to Molly!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring

Lauren’s on spring break from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces (where it’s always summer). She got here yesterday afternoon just as the snow was starting to fly. This morning we work up to 10 to 12 inches of snow. If you ask me, it’s the perfect way to welcome spring.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward Into A Snow Bank

Everyone who even knows me a little bit knows how much I dislike “springing forward”. I just don’t see the point. More hart attacks happen on the day after the springing, more car accidents, and I’m sure a ton of global warming. It’s just down right dangerous. Normally in the name of safety I would just stay in bed and nap all day. But this year Scott’s birthday fell on the dangerous day. So I had to get up, bake a cake, run out to McD’s for breakfast, and make a plan for a fun day.
It was a lovely day out this morning, warmish, practically windless, I’d almost dare to say a nice spring day. I plug the pump in on the pond for the first time in months, filled up all the bird feeders, and took a birthday nap with my husband. Then we headed into Albuquerque for a movie and dinner with Savanna. When we came out of the movie it was snowing, but not sticking on the roads. We had a nice dinner and had a window seat that faced the mountains. It was so beautiful to see them coved in snow, dark clouds behind them, and the sun setting that lit them up so bright. Sighhhhh it was so pretty.
As we heading home (over those same mountains) the snow was heavy on the trees and it looked to pretty to be real. As we headed higher and higher the snow started to stick to the interstate. Edgewood was deep in snow, I would guess about 8 inches and there were (of course) no snow plows to be seen. It was a little slow going to get home, and a little shocking to see so much snow in such a short time.
Gabby was so happy to see the snow when I let her out, of course Jester is pissed! And poor Scott had to shovel the snow off the porch so it wouldn’t turn to ice. (Don’t worry, Nebraska boy loves to shovel snow).

For once the pond didn't get snowed in (because I plugged it in before the snow came)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lumpy Tapioca Pudding

When my sister and I were little our Grammy would make us tapioca pudding (from scratch of course) whenever we were sick. I would swear to this day that it has healing powers. Now, as a grown woman and Mother, it’s my go to cure all when there is sickness or heart ache in our home. And as I stand at the stove stirring the milk and smell the whiffs of the sweet steam I’m reminded of my sweet Grammy and the comfort of her love.
Rebbie and I were very blessed to know all four of our grandparents and both our great-grandmothers. Because both our parents are only children we were the ONLY grandchildren, and therefore overly loved by them. I feel so lucky to have such a close relationship with each of my grandparents. Grammy and Grandpa (my father’s parents) who have both passed away now. And Nano and Papa (my mother’s parents), Papa passed away 19 years ago, and now it seems that Nano’s time on this earth is short. It will be the very sad end to a generation of our family that is so loved and so fondly remembered.

As each of my family members deals with what we know we have no power to stop, life around us continues to spin on. School still has to be attended, the need for work, sickness touches us from time to time (keeping us away from Nano for fear of getting her sick) and household need to be kept up with.

Today, if I could, I’d make a big batch of lumpy tapioca pudding and sit with my family and just enjoy the comfort of our memories.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nano's 92nd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday tooooooooo Nano!
Nano's 92nd Birthday is tomorrow. We had a birthday bash for her yesterday (Saturday) with all her favorite appetizers and a pineapple upside-down cake.
Rebbie knitted her some new socks, Mother gave her some cute new PJ's and Scott, the girls and I gave her some Gospel CD's. And Lauren came home from college just for the party.

My mom says we wore poor Nano out, and she's been sleeping most of the day today.

Happy Bithday Nano!