Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lumpy Tapioca Pudding

When my sister and I were little our Grammy would make us tapioca pudding (from scratch of course) whenever we were sick. I would swear to this day that it has healing powers. Now, as a grown woman and Mother, it’s my go to cure all when there is sickness or heart ache in our home. And as I stand at the stove stirring the milk and smell the whiffs of the sweet steam I’m reminded of my sweet Grammy and the comfort of her love.
Rebbie and I were very blessed to know all four of our grandparents and both our great-grandmothers. Because both our parents are only children we were the ONLY grandchildren, and therefore overly loved by them. I feel so lucky to have such a close relationship with each of my grandparents. Grammy and Grandpa (my father’s parents) who have both passed away now. And Nano and Papa (my mother’s parents), Papa passed away 19 years ago, and now it seems that Nano’s time on this earth is short. It will be the very sad end to a generation of our family that is so loved and so fondly remembered.

As each of my family members deals with what we know we have no power to stop, life around us continues to spin on. School still has to be attended, the need for work, sickness touches us from time to time (keeping us away from Nano for fear of getting her sick) and household need to be kept up with.

Today, if I could, I’d make a big batch of lumpy tapioca pudding and sit with my family and just enjoy the comfort of our memories.

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Rebbie said...

Lumpy tapioca sounds really good right now. I'm sure Lindsey could use some to feel better, but I've never been able to get it just like Grammy's.