Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward Into A Snow Bank

Everyone who even knows me a little bit knows how much I dislike “springing forward”. I just don’t see the point. More hart attacks happen on the day after the springing, more car accidents, and I’m sure a ton of global warming. It’s just down right dangerous. Normally in the name of safety I would just stay in bed and nap all day. But this year Scott’s birthday fell on the dangerous day. So I had to get up, bake a cake, run out to McD’s for breakfast, and make a plan for a fun day.
It was a lovely day out this morning, warmish, practically windless, I’d almost dare to say a nice spring day. I plug the pump in on the pond for the first time in months, filled up all the bird feeders, and took a birthday nap with my husband. Then we headed into Albuquerque for a movie and dinner with Savanna. When we came out of the movie it was snowing, but not sticking on the roads. We had a nice dinner and had a window seat that faced the mountains. It was so beautiful to see them coved in snow, dark clouds behind them, and the sun setting that lit them up so bright. Sighhhhh it was so pretty.
As we heading home (over those same mountains) the snow was heavy on the trees and it looked to pretty to be real. As we headed higher and higher the snow started to stick to the interstate. Edgewood was deep in snow, I would guess about 8 inches and there were (of course) no snow plows to be seen. It was a little slow going to get home, and a little shocking to see so much snow in such a short time.
Gabby was so happy to see the snow when I let her out, of course Jester is pissed! And poor Scott had to shovel the snow off the porch so it wouldn’t turn to ice. (Don’t worry, Nebraska boy loves to shovel snow).

For once the pond didn't get snowed in (because I plugged it in before the snow came)

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