Sunday, April 18, 2010

MS Walk

Remember, no matter how wet, how cold, how windy, or even how hot it might be, MS hurts worse. MS always hurts worse. That’s why we’ll be there Saturday morning at Tiguex Park, rain or shine, with our walking shoes on…. or maybe our rain boots. Won’t you join us? The more than 3000 people living with MS in the Rio Grande area are counting on you.

This was part of the email I received from the MS Society and what I had posted on my facebook page the day before the walk.
We woke up to rain early in the morning, but knew.... as always, the weather over the mountain in Albuquerque can be completely different. This wasn't totally the case, but it wasn't pouring down rain, only threatening to rain. So we grabbed the umbrellas (because if you bring them it wont rain) and heading over to the park. We meet up with my Mom and David, and my life long friend Cindy. We pigged out on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and then did the walk (the short route) when we got back to the park we had Blake's Breakfast burritos and then headed home. Not a single rain drop fell on our heads.... and hopefully made a difference in the outlook for MS.

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