Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Graduation.... again

Raleigh now has two diplomas under his belt, or collar.
Tonight he graduated from novices obedience. I was so proud of him showing off all his skills. THEN came the snake proofing.... Raleigh's worst nightmare. Scott jumped in for me again at this point in the class (I really dislike snakes). The class instructors remembered how traumatized he was last time, so they instructed me to not let him get so panicked this time. They said if he started to reach that point again to take him out of the building.
He HATED it, and for sure remembered it, so they took it easy on him this time.
Scott and Raleigh running from the snake (Scott screamed like a girl)

I'm trying to upload my first video. If it works, you'll see Raleigh's second turn with the snake. He was so afraid they let him pass behind the snake.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think poor Raleigh is going to be protecting you from any snakes. But if he starts cowering and acting like a scaredy cat, keep your eyes open!