Sunday, April 17, 2011

MS Walk 2011 & Team Orange Poodle

Yesterday was the MS Walk in Albuquerque. I was committed to dyeing Raleigh orange for the walk if we (Team Orange Poodle) reached our goal. We came close but fell a little short... SO FAR.
So Raleigh just got orange polka dots.
We had wonderful weather. NO WIND! It was a fun fun morning. Raleigh was a touch (crazy) on the naughty for the walk. So many people... so many dogs.... so many children..... He just wanted to wrestle with everyone.
Team Orange Poodle
Raleigh, Buffie and Donna with our sign.
One flag for each person with MS in the Rio Grande Valley

Buffie's Peeps: Andra, Rebbie, Cindy & Savanna
Raleigh and little girl with balloon poodle
Donna, Buffie & Joyce

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Rebbie said...

It was fun spending the morning with you. Karl is still recovering from the trauma.