Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{SHINE}... It's my One Word 365 for 2014.

This is my first year of one Little Word-ing and on day 21 I'm feeling really good about it. The more I study the word SHINE and learn about it, and the more I try to SHINE in my day to day life the more I love my word. 
This is a dark world we live in. The glory of the Lord is my light, and as it rises on me (as promised in the Bible) I want it to reflect and SHINE off of me into the world. 

Some days I don't always feel shiny. My health issues can make me feel so dull. But I want to SHINE, and I choose to SHINE everyday! When my feet hit the ground in the morning my prayer is that God will let His glory be seen SHINING on me. 

PS... I've had this blog for years, but have never been a faithful blogger. My hope for 2014 is to make it a somewhat public journal of my One Word 365. If you stumble on it please leave me a message.  

1 comment:

Rebbie said...

Good morning to my beautiful sister who not only shines on the outside, but you glows from the inside.