Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School week

There are things I LOVE about back to school. I love the smell of new school supplies, all the new socks and undies that fill the laundry basket, and the excitement of seeing old friends again.
BUT I DO NOT like back to school if it includes taking one of your children 4.5 hours away, and leaving them there. She had the shinny new school supplies, new undies (no new socks because it's far to hot in Las Cruses for socks), new bedding, new towels, and a new pet fish named Crimson (NMSU school color).

So this year, back to school was:
a new school for Savanna. Edgewood Middle School.
And a new school for Lauren. New Mexico State University.

So far Savanna is doing great (today's her 3rd day back at school) and seems to have adjusted well to all the freedoms that middle school has to offer. Her biggest worries have been, what to wear, and how does her hair look?...?....

Lauren's step was much larger. She has a roommate (she's never shared a room in her life), she has unlimited freedom, and she's far far far away from home.
Thankfully a TON of kids from Moriarty High School, AKA Mo Town are also going to NMSU, with a number of them living in the same dorm as Lauren. Her best friend Annamae is right next door, her other BFF Madeline is across the court yard, and one of her show choir peeps lives right below her.
She will start classes on Thursday, and until then she will be busy getting use to the heat, and making new friends.

As for me..... I'm just feeling old, tired and poor from all the back to school frenzy. I need a nap!

In this slide show you will see pictures of Lauren's last night home. We had a camp fire and made smores.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I predict that you've seen the cleanest Lauren's dorm room will ever be. :)

Buffie said...

ohhh I don't know.... you forget who we're talking about here.... she's a neat freak.
I just hope she doesn't kill her roomie if she doesn't make her bed. I had to explain to Lauren that not everyone does that everyday.