Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bishops Castle

Around 11:00 this morning we headed out with the girls to Bishops Castle. It was really crowded, but we went up to the big room where Savanna and I waited while Lauren and Scott went up to the towers. Then as we were thinking about leaving we ran into our camping buddies. So we stayed and Lauren, Savanna & Scott climbed around some more, and went up even higher then they did before (peer pressure). I stayed with my feet on the ground with Tommy and Patty and looked up to watch everyone else risking their life's.

After the Castle we went to Westcliff to get ice cream. There is an ice cream shop there that my friend Helen and I loved to go to when we were at family camp at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp. But when we got there and I saw the closed sign in the window my heart sank. Thankfully Billie noticed a store up the street that had ice cream.... so all was good again.
MMMMMM ice cream!

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