Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Graduate

Raleigh graduated from puppy obedience school tonight. He has mastered "sit" "come" and is learning "down". He can walk on a leash really well... most of the time, and we now know that he is terrified of snakes. Trish (owner of the school) walked around the room and let all the dogs smell the snake. Raleigh tried to bite the snake, so he then became the "example" to the class. Trish took him out to the middle of the classroom where another one of the teachers threw the snake at him. He was so afraid that he spent the rest of the class time in Scott's arms, under a chair, under a table or trying to get out the door. Trish had Scott take him outside for a little while to see if he would calm down. He didn't.... and refused to go to Trish and get his diploma.
Below are some fun pictures of the evening.

Just enjoying class.... Raleigh has no idea what's coming his way.

Everyone lined up getting ready for snake proofing (this is where Scott takes over for me, as I don't do snakes). Trish takes the snake around the room so each dog can smell it. At this point Raleigh thought he'd bite the snake.... things turned bad for him after he made that bad choice.
Trish takes Raleigh from Scott and she snake proofs him herself. (poor Raleigh... poor snake)

You can see the other teacher behind the blue wall. She throws the snake at Raleigh. He couldn't get away far enough or fast enough. If he had thumbs I'm pretty sure he would have opened the door, ran to the truck and drove himself home.

Trish trying to make up with Raleigh.
In Daddy's arms
Under the chair

Under the table. (notice all the dogs making fun of him)

In my arms, waiting to get his diploma.
(now all the other dogs laughing at him for being such a big baby).

Poor Raleigh's heart was still thumping on the way home. He couldn't wait to tell Gabby and Jester about the horrible time he had at school.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby. I guess he won't be protecting you from any snakes on your evening strolls through the mesa.

Lauren said...

It looks like he wasn't the only one scared... Did you see that ladies face in that one picture?!?! It looks like she might start to cry!