Friday, January 21, 2011

Raleigh's Glamor Shots

Today was Raleigh's photo shoot. Debbie Klecan who was in our puppy class with her dog Chama thought that Raleigh had "the look", and asked if she could photograph him sometime. Turns out she lives in Edgewood and has a wonderful studio space in a separate building behind her house.
She did such an amazing job with Raleigh, I honestly didn't think he would have the attention span to be able to take more then a handful of pictures... but she got what seemed like 100's of wonderful shots of him! I was so impressed by Debbie AND Raleigh. I can't wait to see her pictures, but in the mean time I have a few fun shots of got of her taking pictures of him.
You can visit Debbie's blog and see some of her work at:

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