Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poodle Club Clipping Clinic

Last Saturday Savanna and I want to the Enchantment Poodle Clubs, poodle clipping clinic. Raleigh has only ever been clipped that one time before Christmas, and they only did his face, feet and legs. It was high time we cut all that puppy fluff off of him. After all... he's a big boy now. It was HARD work. But 4 hours (yes, four hours) later I had a poodle who looked something like a Chicken Nugget with legs. Thank goodness poodle hair grows fast!

I was so thankful to all the club members (who knew what they were doing) who helped us along. What blade to use. Which direction to cut. So much to learn!
Poodles aren't dogs... they're a piece of art!
Poodles Poodles everywhere! ahhh heaven.
Raleigh looks nothing like this beautiful girl... but with a little practice, maybe someday.
That's all Raleigh! AKA precious poodle puppy fur.


Lauren said...

what does he look like now?! You need a picture Melissa and I want to know what a chicken nugget with legs looks like!

Anonymous said...

In that second picture I can see the silent "help me" plea in his eyes. I wonder how that hair would spin into yarn. Would you like a poodle sweater?