Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick doodle

Raleigh (and I) had a LONG night last night. He had a touch of diarrhea late afternoon. But he was playing and ate his dinner like there was nothing wrong. Until a few hours after dinner when it all came running... and I mean running out of him like water. I was up with him every two hours during the night, standing on the back porch, freezing, in my PJ's watching him either poop or eurp (that's my Grammy's word for throw up). I felt so bad for him, because I've been there before... well not in the yard, but driving the porcelain bus.
This morning he wasn't any better so I call his vet as soon as they opened. They told me to bring him right in, but to call from the parking lot and someone would come out and give his a parvo test. Raleigh was NOT happy about the test (being done in the back seat of my truck). In about 15 minutes they came out and said the test was negative and we were invited in. Two hours and almost $300.00 later we know that he doesn't have parvo, but he's sick (blood tests showed that). He had an x-ray, but it didn't show that he had a blockage of any kind. They tried for a stool sample, but he was empty so that didn't work.
We left with a bag full of drugs, and a request for a bag of poo when it comes out again. (at this point in time it hasn't happened). We went to work and I shoved the "stop throwing up" pill down his throat and he promptly threw it back up. I called the vet and they said to try again. This time he kept it down, and I gave him his first round of antibiotics about 30 minutes later, which has also stayed down.
Until I get get a stool sample into the vet we wont know for sure what's wrong with him, but it seems like he's a little bit better... I'll know for sure he's better if we get to sleep tonight.


Enchanting Stamping said...

Sorry your little (big) guy is sick. Hope it's nothing serious.


Lauren said...

Poor puppy!!!