Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out of control blogging

I felt the need to over blog today.

1. Because I had a snow day today, and some extra time on my hands.
2. I had my pictures put on a CD so I could get them on my computer.
(Laptop is still dead.)
C. I feel behind... and there is lots of "stuff" going on here.

We've had a few nice snow storms (my favorite) and I went to Advent Fest at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp last weekend with my sister and Lisa. We met up with our dear friend Roberta (from Denver). We had a nice, relaxing, fun time, and even got to battle our way home thru a snow storm in Colorado.

Lauren is taking finals this week at NMSU. So far she thinks it going well, but her two hardest ones are still to come. She'll be home this weekend for a month... in which time she'll be getting her wisdom teeth ripped out! She's so happy about that... HA

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Rebbie said...

Nice pictures. Please send me some ;)