Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yipppppeeeeee….. A new Christmas laptop!

Scott knew how much I was missing my dead laptop, and how I was really struggling with our slow ten year old desk top computer. So on Christmas Eve he surprised me with a new laptop. And it really was a surprise! I hadn’t asked for one, knowing that “in these hard economic times” it wasn’t a reasonable request, and that I could just make due with the super slow computer for now. So I asked for birdhouses (which Scott has made me before, and I knew he had wood to make more) and something to play my ipod in the kitchen. I got the birdhouses, the ipod player, AND then he pulls out one more box, and it was a shinny new laptop!!!!! What a wonderful surprise, and truly appreciated. Now I can (with ease) load and edit pictures, buy music on itunes, and load audio books on my ipod, lay in bed and play solitaire, keep up with my blog and Close To My Heart website. Yip…. I’m a wantabe computer nerd….. A happy, new laptop owning computer nerd!

Christmas morning was full of our traditional family activities. Rebbie and the girls showed up early. Rebbie was hopped up on cold medication and Krispy Kream doughnuts. She was worse then the kids when it came to waiting to open the gifts….. She kept coming at me like a spider monkey! Once Nana, Pops and Nano showed up the gift exchanging began. Now that the girls are older we like to take our time opening gifts. We go around the room and everyone takes turns opening a gift. This way we can see what everyone is getting and from whom. I like this so much better then the way it use to be when it was a free for all Christmas gift frenzy. I never knew what my girls got, or who it came from. Now I know, and everyone gets a chance to enjoy their giving as well as being able to be thankful for the receiving.

Then we move on to Scotts yummy dinner. His favorite thing to make on Christmas is prim rib. We also have ham, homemade mac and cheese, cheesy potatoes (Nana’s special dish) cream spinach and artichoke (Lauren’s specialty) and posole stew (thanks to Rebbie). After we all have our fill we break out the birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus. This year I made Jesus a chocolate covered cherry cake.

One of the days highlights was Rebbie “trying” to teach me to knit. Ugh…. She makes it look so easy, and we all received wonderful knitted gifts from her (gloves, socks, mittens)…. Trust me, it’s not easy, and there will be no knitted gifts from me under the tree next year!

All in all Christmas was wonderful, full of family, fun, and traditions we all hold dear. The one big part missing was Rebbie’s eldest daughter Kristen. She and her new husband John stayed at home in Virginia and started their own family traditions. We missed them dearly, but understand their desire to enjoy their first Christmas in their own home. AND with the snow storms that covered most of the country there is a good chance they would have spent Christmas in an airport if they had tried to come. (I’m glad they were home safe and sound).

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nebraska said...

YAY for your new laptop!!! But...where are the pictures with you in them? Probably the same place the pics with me in them are...there is one from Christmas, and my hair isn't done and I"m wearing an ugly striped shirt (we had a blizzard too) and in the ones from Morgan's birthday I look like a dork. :-) Oh well, great to see you blogging again!