Sunday, January 24, 2010


Four generations come together to make a recipe that’s been in our family for many more generations.
It’s hard to describe these tasty treats that look like a cookie, but aren’t sweet. They’re made with mashed potatoes, something like a biscuit, yet nothing like bread. They’re best when eaten straight from the oven with butter melting on the top.
Nano says her mother, AKA Big Nana, made them for special meals and they ate them as bread.
When Rebbie and I were little we’d always make them when Big Nana would come to visit from Pennsylvania. It’s the best memory I have of my great-grandmother. We’d also make them with Nano when she’d have leftover mashed potatoes. Now Nano makes them with her great-granddaughters and I’m sure they will always remember just how special Bagachels are. They are a part of our past, and I really hope will stay with for family for generations to come.
Nano was missing two of her great-granddaughters, Kristen and Lauren. Don't worry... they've both made bagachels with their Nano.
Leftover mashed potatoes
Good TBS of shortening
As much flour as it takes
Bake on greased cookie sheet @400 until golden
We’ve come to the conclusion that this “recipe” is an art and NOT a science, and therefore really has to be passed down. The dough has a feel to it when it’s ready, and no amount of measurements and science can make a Bagachelen.

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Rebbie said...

Don't forget salt. It's not written on the recipe card, but we learned the hard way that salt is very important!