Friday, January 22, 2010

Snowy Day

Today has been the best “snow day” of the week. We’ve had small passing storms over the last four days. Tuesday was a two hour delay for school, Wednesday a three hour delay (which was weird). Yesterday there was no snow, only wind so it was school as usual. This morning I woke to a heavy wet snow falling, and a two hour delay. By 7:00 they decided to just close school.
Gabby LOVES snow, and just runs and runs and eats it. I have to bribe her to come in. She smells like a wet dog in a bad way. Her coat is so thick, and curly that it just holds the moisture, and she needs a bath!
Jester on the other hand hates the snow and would rather pee on the porch then get his toes wet.
Savanna is in her PJ’s still, and I’m sure will stay that way all day. She’s been in her room most of the morning practicing her music for the All State Choir.
I’m looking for inspiration in my Scrapbook Room….. But haven’t found it yet.
I was thinking of tromping out in the snow to take a picture of what I think is a dead horse in my neighbors yard. That would make for an interesting scrapbook page. I just don’t want to get my slippers all snowy.
Anyone wanta see the dead horse?


Mandy said..., I do, I do!! Wait, it's not that I want to see the dead horse, I just want to see you scrapbook it! What paper would you use for an occasion like that? Love ya!

nebraska said...

Me too--I want to see how you scrapbook pictures of your neighbors dead horse! Do you think they have "horse funeral" paper? HM.

nebraska said...

BTW, "nebraska" is me, Shelly. I'm just signed in under my Nebraska Family Times account. Not trying to be sneaky or anything. :-)