Saturday, January 16, 2010

Savanna’s Room

Savanna decided last summer that she wanted her room decorated in a Paris theme.
Thanks to Mrs Persival (art teacher) and her hours of painting with Savanna
over the
summer break.

Tonight we put the finishing touch on the wall….
The long awaited clocks!
These clocks have been working out in mine and Savanna’s heads for a long time.
And today I bit the bullet and just did it.
Thank you Erin for the encouragement and advice on cutting vinyl on the Cricut.
And thanks to Scott for spotting me as I climbed up on the stool
and helping me get everything straight.


Rebbie said...

I love Savanna's room. The letting under the clocks turned out great. The wall color reminds me of my room when I was a kid. Remember the orange bedspread and canopy?

Buffie said...

We really like it too. AND she's keeping it "clean" (as clean as Savanna can keep a room).

Who can forget your room? Orange and pink are in again.... just so you know. You may want to re-due your bedroom and get hip!