Friday, January 29, 2010

Hanging in Las Cruces

Savanna is singing in the New Mexico All State Choir on Saturday. She had to be at New Mexico State University yesterday to start rehearsals. The northern and eastern parts of the state were expecting a “big” snow storm Thursday morning, so we packed up the RV and got out of dodge on Wednesday night. Which ended up being a good choice, as the roads were bad on Thursday. We drove as far as Truth or Consequence on Wednesday night and just spent the night in the WalMart parking lot. We woke up to a cold rain, but just a few miles north of us the interstate was icy.
When we got to Las Cruces it was still cold and rainy.. Which is so unusual.

We are staying at our favorite RV Resort, Hacienda. The best thing is that Lauren just got a job here! So I sat in my warm trailer and watched her out driving around on the golf cart in the rain.

We have both of the dogs with us for this trip. Jester really doesn’t like to “camp” and this is Gabby’s first trip. She seems to be getting use to it. She LOVES the dog walk here…. She can run off leash.

I told Scott today at breakfast (they have a lovely free breakfast here at the resort) that the reason I love to RV is because it makes me feel so young. We were by at least 20 years, the youngest people in the room.

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